About Us

Our Mission Statement

We dedicate ourselves to establishing and maintaining the highest standards of professional expertise to assist our clients in achieving their business goals.  We will strive to assess the client’s key business concerns through in-depth interviewing, careful listening and expert analysis.  Final recommendations that specifically address the client’s circumstances will always be the most efficient and cost effective and be designed to produce the greatest financial return.  We commit ourselves to earning the right to claim pre-eminence in our field of expertise.

Our Philosophy

Today’s business climate requires every individual to make the most of it’s resources while addressing and resolving difficulties as efficiently as possible.  However, organizations often face issues in which solutions require expertise that does not exist internally.  A consultant is best used under these circumstances.

FORCE III Consulting Group is your partner in formatting and implementing sales management and marketing plans and programs that address issues critical to your business.  The success of each project begins with a detailed needs analysis conducted through in-depth interviews and investigation.  A summary of findings is then professionally presented addressing these findings and their solutions and implementation, as well as a timetable for completion.

Once engaged, FORCE III has the background and expertise to deliver advice on all aspects of consultative sales management and marketing and can provide follow-through in a real world environment.  Using workshops and one-on-one results oriented coaching and a systematic, cost-effective approach allows FORCE III to tailor each of its programs to meet the specific needs of the client without imposing undue burden on time or financial resources.