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  • Focused sales candidate interviewing process
  • Caliper profile testing and analysis
  • Call reluctance testing and analysis
  • Compensation and validation model development
  • Vesting program development



  • An in-depth testing process to prequalify a sales candidate’s match for the position. The testing is completed online and profiles are developed and reviewed with each candidate and then with the firms owners.



  • A testing process to evaluate the inhibitors contributing to the call reluctance problem. The testing process is completed online and assessments are quickly prepared for review with each tested individual. Issues and possible solutions are then discussed relating to the individuals prospecting performance.



  • On-site or off-site facilitation for the development of a formal five year strategic plan and a one year business plan. All plans are prepared utilizing an action plan outline with assigned participants for each of the developed action steps. This will assist with a higher level of accountability for the action plan to be finalized.


Planning is an expression of faith:  Planning shows faith in the power of a positive thinking:  Faith in your ability to determine the outcome of your business:  Faith in the statement “If I can dream it, I can do it!”

Richard C. Shaw